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Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross is a landmark of the Cederberg. Collect a permit from Dwarsrivier Farm, just under a km in the direction of Clanwilliam, take the turn off to the left to follow the gravel road for approx 7km to a small parking place. The cross is approx the height of a five storey building...quite awe inspirring. The Maltese Cross takes about 4 hours if you take it slowly (7km)

Wolfberg Cracks

As always, there are a number of ways to get to your destination but we recommend you drive about 13km to Sand Drift, you can park your car right beneath the Cracks and take a steep hike to the top. Like so many of the great rock formations in the Cederberg, these massive cracks that run parallel to eachother leave you with a sence of awe at their sheer size and beauty.

Wolfberg Arch

This hike will take you the better part of the day. We recommend you park your Car at Sand Drift (13km from the Cederberg House) and hike straight up and through the Wolfberg Cracks then continue on to the Arch.


At 1969 meters above sea level there are many beautiful hikes and trails to explore on this great table topped mountain.


In winter this mountain is often capped with a thin blanket of snow, hence its name. There are mountain cabins if you are doing an overnight hike, permits are avalable from the Dwarsriver farm(13km form th Cederberg House).

Lot's Wife

About 14,6km from the Cederberg House, in the direction of Algeria, you will find a parking area with a sign for Lot’s Wife. From there you can take an easy walk to where the window rocks, also known as “Vensterklippe”, can be seen.

Stadsaal Caves

The Stadsaal Caves are situated between the Cederberg House and Kromriver. This relatively small area is rich with bushman paintings and caves for you to explore. Permits are avalable for the Dwarsriver office.

Mountain Biking

You are free to explore the surrounding wilderness on you bicycle, you can either take the road, or see where the old footpaths will take you.

Wine Tasting

Dwarsriver has become famous for its wines, over the past years and is definitely worth a visit. They are open Monday – Saturday 8h30 to 12h00, 14h00 to 16h30 Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.